Once upon a time there was a small girl. She wanted a lot of toys, so every Christmas she asked for toys.
She loved computer games, she loved cars, she loved balls, she loved dolls,...but her mother and her father didn´t have money. They couldn´t buy new toys for their daughter. Every 25th of december, she cried. She didn´t understand why she couldn´t have new toys just like her friends of the school. When the school started, all of her friends talked about their new games and toys but she said nothing.

But one day, she visited her grandfather and her grandmother. They lived in a big farm. They felt very worried when they saw the poor small girl. Her face was very sad and her grandparents asked what was going on. They tried to find a solution. They had four dogs, so they deciced to gift one.When she took the dog, she holded it and her faced changed from sadness to happiness.

Now when she wants to play she says to her dog: "let´s go to the mountain"