The Sad Rich Shoemaker´╗┐
Once upon a time, there was a shoemaker who lived alone in a nice cottage in the mountain.
He worked very hard but nobody liked his shoes, so that he decided to make shoes that he would not buy.
It was very tough for him to make things he did not like, and he cried and cried for hours, while he cut and sewed the leather and the other materials. Finally, when he had finished his first pair of shoes, he nearly threw them away, but then decided to take them to town and sell them, just to see if someone liked what he thought were the ugliest shoes in the world.
To his astonishment, there was a huge row among the people who went to see the shoes, bacause everyone wanted them for themselves and there was only one pair of those "horrendous" shoes.
From that day on, Craig, for thatwas the shoemaker's name, cried and sobbed and weeped everyday, but evey single tear his eyes shed meant one more coin in is pocket, and that is why he was known as the Sad Rich Shoemaker from that day on.´╗┐
As years went by, the poor sad rich shoemaker (who was already the richest man in his area) decided he had had enough of that crying, so instead of creating shoes he didn't like, he started making shoes he loved. When he took them to town in order to sell them, he realized that nobody liked them so he had to go back home with a full bag of beautiful shoes. He never sold a pair of shoes again, but he was happy because he could spend his life doing what he really liked.