The bugs want to play "hide and seek". Everybody is happy and the snail is the first which starts counting. Sudenly all them desappear and he is very worried and confused. There is a complete silence. He looks at eveywhere but he can only listen the sound of the water from a river. The furios snail is frightened and after half and hour trying to find his friends he started shouting their names. The silence is bigger now, there is no answer. He cries and cries their name, but there is no answer again. What can he do? He decides to open the box he was carrying and eat the cake he bought yesterday to celebrate his birthday with his friends, the bugs. He sang " Happy Birthday" song for himself and lighted the big candle. Then he ate all the cake. When he was chewing his last bite he heard " Happy Birthday " song. They were his friends, the bugs. The had gone to buy some snacks to celebrate snailĀ“s birthday. They all laughed.